What I Have Learned Through My NDEs and Spiritual Encounters (Part 3)

My previous blogs have revealed what I know about the Supreme Being who some call God, and I’ve also brought to light how I knew Jesus is real too, but today we’ll go over the third aspect of the Divine, and that would be Spirit!

The Spirit, who some call the Holy Spirit, is not recognized as much as Jesus and the Supreme Energy Being because Spirit doesn’t have a specific form or definable structure, but the Spirit is the closest aspect of God who is with us every day.

I call Spirit the undercover agent or the inside man because he is sheltered within our body, never seen but always whispering messages to us. Spirit reminds us with a subtle whisper of  the word keys into our mind when we have forgotten them as we go out the door. It also gives us feelings of unrest when we’re in a situation that, maybe, we shouldn’t be in.

Spirit communicates in many ways using all of our senses. Such as it makes one of our knees hurt which reminds us of a friend who needs a knee brace. That reminder is our hint that maybe we should act upon this thought. So we must be aware of what pops into our mind, and if it’s helpful, it could be spirit guiding us. Please note Spirit loves us and always gives loving and positive help!

Similarly, to how I know the Supreme Creator and Jesus are real, I also have seen that Spirit is real. Yes, I saw my spirit too when I had the most in depth NDE, and this is the spirit that is often times referred to as the Holy Spirit. All of the events that have happened throughout my life prove to me that our consciousness continues after the body perishes and that each of us IS that spirit that continues on into eternity. We are each a part of the one body of God and are all connected.

I am excited to fully disclose what I have learned in my new book, Dying to See.

I wish you a divine and happy holiday season and an illuminating new year!