How do God and His other heavenly helpers communicate with us? (Part 1)

The biggest question about spirit communication is: How does spirit communicate with us?

In most cases it’s ridiculously easy. Understanding these heavenly dispatches is an innate ability we were all born with. We often dismiss it as our thoughts or just coincidence, but it’s not. The central thing to understand is that spirit, and our other guides do not have a physical body, so they use a different methodology to get their advice to us.

One of the most common means used is through our thoughts. Thought implant to be specific. These messages come drifting into our mind when we need them as an inner knowing or they come in an inner whisper that is referred to in the Bible as the “still small voice”.

Every day we receive these types of faint messages when, for instance, we see a cord or an obstacle that another person could trip over. Our inner knowing picks up the communication, and this is when we have a choice. Do we move the cord to correct the situation or do we ignore it and hope it doesn’t occur?

When we choose to ignore the cautionary dispatch, someone walks by catching their foot on the stray cord, trips, and possibly goes tumbling to the floor.

This technique is not only for cautionary purposes like the stray cord but it’s also for big choices like a job change or buying a new car as well as daily mundane decisions like eating that hot fudge sundae we know we shouldn’t eat because we’re dieting.

Whatever the case spirit messages are always for our highest and best good and never hurtful. We may want a new car that impresses our friends but we know we should wait for a better time, or we may be trying to diet but are lusting after that delicious hot fudge sundae even though we know we should be firm and bypass the tasty delight.

We disregard the inner knowing we have and buy that new car that causes financial difficulties, or we eat the hot fudge sundae that we later regret the calories we ate.

Often we will hear people say “I knew I shouldn’t have done that.” Have you heard yourself say this too? How many times? Those are the instances we exercised our free will and ignored those pesky little messages that seemed like a nuisance at the time.

Practice picking up on these subtle communications daily and don’t forget to thank God and your heavenly helpers for the guidance they have successfully conveyed. Soon you will start receiving that inner knowing that they have replied: “You’re welcome.”