How do God and His other heavenly helpers communicate with us? (Part 2) Through Dreams

Photo by Michael Schaffler on Unsplash.jpg

Some may be wondering if dreams are a method of spirit communication or merely our release of the chaos we have encountered during the day. Some people may think their dream of a lost loved one was merely their wish played out in a technicolor vision, but dreams are an essential way for Spirit to communicate. For example, have you ever left work with a problem on your mind with the intention of sleeping on it? In the morning, poof, you miraculously wake-up with the answer? We have our answer because our spiritual helpers have used our sleep time to assist us in solving the pesky problem.

When we lay down and fall into slumber, the ego sleeps too and can’t put up its usual roadblocks that Edge God Out so this gives our heavenly guidance team easy access to connect with us. During the wide-open entrance to our consciousness, we will often see our own passed loved ones who have come to assure us they are alive and well.

Our beloved ones in the dream may try to reassure us by offering a rose that symbolizes love. We may see them twirling because they loved dancing so much, or they may give us a warm loving smile that tells us they are okay and happy. This reminds me of an encounter I had with my brother Doug, who had transitioned to the other side. When I viewed his body at the mortuary, I caressed his face in a certain pattern when I said my good-bye. Twelve days later I fell asleep and before waking my spirit was swept up to the white area of heaven. In this area Doug came floating in. Our eyes met and we were ecstatic to see each other. With just the intention to hug each other we floated into an embrace. The strange thing is, I could feel his embrace just like I would have in the physical world but that is not all. While hugging, Doug rubbed my back in the same pattern I had caressed his face. This was Doug’s way of saying good-bye and letting me know all was well in the heavenly kingdom.

I will end this short blog with the suggestion that you buy a dream journal to log your dreams.  After a while, you’ll unquestionably know you are being communicated with.