How does God and His other Heavenly helpers communicate with us (Part 3) Feelings or Sensations

Many times, throughout life we feel the proverbial tightening in the stomach that’s referred to a “gut feeling”. This is a common method spirit uses to nudge us away from what we are encountering or what we are about to do.

Police officers, investigators, and other such professionals are well known for following their gut instincts and they’re very proud of their achievements, as they should be. They’re communing with their heavenly helpers and often times don’t realize it. The important point it that they do pay attention and it helps them come to a true and accurate conclusion to their case.

I have no doubt a lot of us can think of instances where we’ve felt ill-at-ease too. Like when we encounter a person, we don’t feel comfortable around, or a situation that we need stepped away from, or an agreement that needs more clarity before we sign our name. These sensations are for our own protection. Life is so fast these days it’s advisable that we take a moment, breathe, and reevaluate our next steps until we’re comfortable.

A sense of discomfort is not limited to emotions, spirit can work with your physical sensations too. This brings to mind a day I was at the eye doctor for a regular check-up. While waiting for the doctor to enter the room my knee hurt. I thought I don’t have anything wrong with my knee. What’s this about? I noticed the first thing that popped into my mind was Dad’s sore knee and his desire to secure brace to support his deteriorating knee.

I had planned to go to my parent’s home after my eye appointment so I decided to follow that guidance and take the initiative to purchase the support he needed. Dad knew I was coming over soon and due to his age and eye sight he doesn’t drive anymore. When I walked in the door he was dressed hobbled to the edge of the living room sofa to ask if I would drive him to buy a brace for his knee.

I held up the brace and asked him: Is this what you wanted?” He responded with a big smile. I also saw a great wave of relief sweep over him. Now he didn’t have to go out that day while his knee was bothering him so badly. He promptly took off his jacket, slipped on the brace, and relaxed in his recliner to get the rest he desperately needed. He was very thankful for the initiative I took.

In conclusion, we mustn’t discount the feelings or sensations we receive during the day. These are our chances to understand the communication our heavenly helpers are trying to convey. When we get accustomed to the techniques the heavenly world uses to dispatch their communique, we’ll be both amazed and excited to find it turns life into a mystical adventure. Namaste!