How do God and His other heavenly helpers communicate with us? (Part 4) Unexpected reminders from loved ones who have already transitioned.

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I’ve learned through my NDEs that there are no coincidences in life. We are surrounded by a multitude of God’s helpers and other souls that have already transitioned to eternity. They are always trying to help us in countless ways or to bring messages of healing to us from heaven. They use many approaches to convey their communications and here are a few of them:

·         Have you ever heard a song over the radio that played at just the right time and it reminded you of someone from the other side?

·         Have you unexpectedly come across an article of clothing that reminds you of someone who’s already transitioned to heaven?

·         Have you thought of someone you’ve lost and suddenly a butterfly lands on your clothing, or follows you while you’re trekking through the woods?

·         Has an item been moved and you know in your heart it’s your lost loved one who hid it?

·         Has a poem shown up in an unusual way that reminds you of someone you’ve lost?

·         Have you gone to bed one night and had a dream of a loved one who’s now in heaven?

·         Has your hair seemingly been brushed aside like a loved one would have done if they were still in this dimension with you?

·         After thinking of your father as a wise old owl, has an owl been sitting outside your window after your father has passed?

·         Have you ever unexpectedly smelled the scent such as a flower, perfume, cigarette, or aftershave that reminded you of someone dear to you?

These and many more are ways heaven communicates with us using our basic senses and it’s our choice to open our hearts and accept the messages. Can you imagine how disappointed you would be once you were a spirit in the eternal dimension and a loved one kept taking no notice of the communications you’ve sent?

Let’s all open our hearts and be aware of these subtle but very important dispatches from heaven. Awareness allows us to bring a little bit of divine happiness into this world of ours.


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