What I have Learned Through My NDEs and Spiritual Encounters (Part 1)

God, is the Creator but He’s bigger than the God many know. I call Him the Divine, the I AM, or Source of All.

The Divine Source is very much alive and not dead as rumored. He is real, and it is through the three near-death experiences (NDE) and other spiritually transformative experiences (STE) that I know this to be true.

One night, I went to bed with congestion, and as I slept, my chest started to hurt, and I suddenly couldn’t breathe. I struggled to sit up to gasp for the valuable life-saving air I needed, but I could not move. So I called out for help and reached for my husband who was lying next to me, but he didn’t respond, and my hand seemed to go right through him. I suddenly found myself looking down on my body and being held in the Divine’s energetic arms that felt like a circle of unconditional love. I felt totally free of the constraints of the body that bound me for so long. I was immediately held in the arms of I AM’s of love even though I didn’t see Him at that point. He only came forward after I was greeted by His son, Jesus. This tells me Source is everywhere even though we don’t see Him and that His power is unfathomable. It’s interesting how He expresses this in the Bible in:

‘My thoughts are nothing like your thoughts,’ says the LORD God, ‘And my ways are far beyond anything you could imagine. For just as the heavens are higher than the earth, so my ways are higher than your ways and my thoughts higher than your thoughts.’
— Isaiah 55:8-9 (NLT)

The I AM meant exactly what he said in those verses. His thoughts are not something we can comprehend, and His ways are more powerful than we can imagine. He literally is everywhere, and in everything, you see here on earth and in the universe and all the other dimensions that He has created as well. We must not limit what He can do merely because of our own human mind’s limitation.

He is not one religion, but He is the supreme being in all faiths and the supreme being of the belief system of those who don’t follow a particular religious conviction. He knows what we are thinking and what is in our hearts. He knows us down to our core being.

He is magnificent!

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