Life can be exciting if you recognize what is really going on.

The benefits of spiritually transformative experiences can help everyone. But what exactly are they? To answer this question, spiritually transformative experiences (STE) can include near-death experiences (NDE), or experiences that appear to be like-near-death experience (NDLE) but the person was not near death at the time of the event. The description of a near-death experience is defined as an occurrence in which an individual comes close to dying and afterward remembers having a spiritual experience that included meeting dead friends and family members or seeing a white light when the time of death was near. It is not the experience itself that determines if it is an NDE, but the life-changing transformation and aftereffects that occur. Researchers have found, it does not always happen when a person is near death; the Supreme Creator can perform one of these experiences at any time to anyone.

After having several of these types of experiences, one of which I found myself before Divine Creator some call God, and before a radiant Light-being who initially I thought was a woman because of the length of hair but it was not. I recognized later it was Jesus. I also saw the Spirit who some call the Holy Spirit, but he was not with the Divine and Jesus. The Spirit was with me. Afterward, as you can imagine, I wanted an explanation. Once I found out what this experience was called, I had an obsession to understand these unexplainable but incredible events. So now that I have studied them for over fifteen years. I am excited and ready to share what I have learned so sign up to read my blog here.

John Hunt